website of deirdre carabine and michel lejeune

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Welcome to our website!

We are retired educationalists working in Uganda and living in Bbunga, a quiet Kampala suburb on the shores of Lake Victoria with our canines: Luna (aka Little Miss Moon, a rescue ), Mister Finley a White Swiss Shepherd, and two pups from Luna and Finley: Simba and Mickey.

We spent the past thirty years involved in university building, at first on the Equator, and then in Kampala (setting up  the first online-only, open source university in Sub-Saharan Africa).

Our website includes some of the personal projects we are working on, for example: the Carabine family tree, the blog Jacana Days which tells the story of beginning life in Uganda at Nkozi by Dee, and the blog Random Thoughts telling the story of Michel's work in Uganda over the years.

Dee and Michel